Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hay every buddy! Sorree I did not updayt my deer fans after the kontest. I oneded thurd plase - that is reel grate! Thank you fur voteng fur me, deer fans.

The Sap gottded a new job, so she can not help me blawg as mush rite now. But she says we are moveng to a new howse in a few weeks so that we can be closehur to her work. Then she will have moor time to helpded me blawg, because she will not have to spend as mush time in the puuke monster. I will bee bak with lots of updayts then!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Day to Vote fur ME!

Too day is the last day to vote fur me in the "I Pittie, the Fool" kontest.

My deer frend Maureen just tolded me that there is too piktures labeled number 72 in the kontest. This is a reel tragedee. So if you want to vote fur ME, pleese send yur emale to and tell them you want to vote fur "Pikture 72 - Carlos."


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vote fur ME!

Hay every buddy! I am enterded in Pit Bull Rescue Central's "I Pittie, The Fool" kontest. You can vote fur me by emale-ing the wurds "Pikture 72 - Carlos" to You can cee all the uther cuute fools HERE.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look! My furst award!

My deer frend Princess gaveded me this award for beeing so grate. Thanks Princess - I never gottded an award beefore!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anuther Adopshun Event

Hay every buddy! Yesthurday was a reel grate adopshun event at Swank Boutique. Unforechunatly it was reel cold and snowy owtside, so not manee peeple stoppded by to visit us. Heer are sum piktures of the event from my frend Tiffany. Cee?

This is the sine to tell peeple ware to find me. Also you can cee how it was reel yuckee owtside.

This is the table full of grate thangs peeple coud take home with them.

Heer is my frend Baron getteng lots of attenshon from some reel nise peeple. Baron has been sershing for a familee for a whole yeer now.

Heer is me getteng some treets from a new frend.

And heer is me! Yur favorit Eesthur Bunnee!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vizit Me This Week End!

Hay every buddy! I will be hangeng out with the Sap and some uther doggees (like my frend Baron and may bee even my frend Bug - you mite renember Bug from her big daybew in Time Magazine, she is reel fame us) at Swank Boutique in Columbia this Sathurday from 11:00 am untill 3:00 pm.

I will be giveng away gin-u-ine pawtografs and bellee skratshes, and Broken Hearts will be giveng away sertificats for free and reel cheep spay and newtur surjerees. So, if you need any of those thangs, come vizit me - I'll be wareng my Kaynine Good Sitizen badge to!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happee Saint Patrik's Day!

The Sap says it is Saint Patrik's Day, and I have to ware sumthang green so that I do not get peenched by the uther doggees. Also, she says it mite make me luckee enuff to find a familee of my veree own. What do you think, my deer fans?

May bee if I look reel pathetik, sumone will take pittee on me and adopt me?


Friday, March 12, 2010

A Grate New Toy!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Veree Importent Anownsmint

Guess who is the newist Kaynine Good Sitizen?



Friday, March 5, 2010

My Faveorit Thangs

Hay every buddy! My frends Boots and Daisy gaveded me the grate idea to tell you abowt my faveorit thangs. So, heer are five of my faveorits:

1. The Sooper Peeple who helpded to save me from liveng my en-tire life on a chane in the woods. Withowt them I wood not even be able to blawg and share all of my favorit thangs with my deer fans!

2. F-O-O-D!
I luff to eet yummee F-O-O-D. Rite now I eet this kind of F-O-O-D:

Before came to live with the Sap I was eeting anuther kind of F-O-O-D that made me a littul bit stinkee. Now, I no I have a reel cuute fase and all so it can be hard to resist me, but when I was eeting that uther F-O-O-D the Sap had no trouble resisteng me and my stinkees. Now that I eet this F-O-O-D I am bak to my usul earresistabull self.

3. Kongs!
There are lots of Kongs to play with at the Sap's howse. Mine looks like this:

The Sap puts yummee treets in there for me and I use my super doggee intellejence to get them owt of the Kong and into my bellee. The Sap also gives me most of my F-O-O-D in my Kong at breckfast and dinner. She says it is to keep me from eeting to fast. I no it is reely that she just likes to watch my super doggee intellejence at wurk.

4. Goeng to the Store.
I luff goeng to the store with the Sap to bye treets and F-O-O-D. Lately, I have been takeng the Sap to this store at leest one time a week so that she can practice giveng me treets in differant plases.

Also one of my deer fans works at this store, so I like to visit hur and let hur give me some treets to.

There is anuther store called Lizzi & Rocco's that I reely love, and too of my deer fans wurk there to. It is a reel grate store for doggees and cats to visit because they have some reel neet stuff that you can not find manee places. Like these lamb traykeyuhs:

Unforechunatlee, that store is prettee far from the Sap's howse so I do not get to go there as mush as I wood like.

5. Broken Hearts, Mended Souls Rescue
This is the doggee rescue that the Sap voluntears for. It is a reel grate rescue because they help pit bull doggees like me find new families. Also, they help uther doggees get spaded and newturd so that there are not so manee puppies in the wirld withowt homeses of their own. They also have reel grate stuff you can buy like this shurt that the Sap's husband desinded:

I hope you injoyed heering abowt my faveorit thangs!



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wurdless WensDay: Nap Tyme

XOXO, Carlos

Monday, March 1, 2010


Hay every buddy! Renember how I am takeng the Sap to skool so that she can lern to give me moor treets? Well, this week the Sap's husband came along to skool to, so I culd have some piktures for my blawg. Without furthur adoo...

Hello?!? It is time to give me won of those treets now!

Heer I am teeching the Sap to give me treets when I don't feel like getteng up.

(The Sap calls it "stay

And heer is me teeching the Sap to walk and hand owt treets at the same tyme.



Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fase Book

Hay every buddy! If you want you can be one of my deer fans on Fase Book!


Happee Birfday to ME!

A little while a go, the Sap and I seleebrateded our birfdays together. I am 1 yeer old now. The Sap is...a little bit older than me.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am a Starr

Check me owt!

Thanks to my frend Lynnette for halping me become so fame-us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How I Trainded the Sap to Give Me Treets

Hay every buddy! My frend Princess asked me to share with my deer fans how I trainded the Sap to give me treets. Now I am heer to share my sekrets with you.*

Step Won: The Klicker

Furst, I gottded a klicker for the Sap. I showded her how it was nice and shiiny and would make a fun noyse when she pushded on it.

Step Too: Yummee Treets

Next I maded the Sap go out and buy some reel yummee treets. I like these Zuke's kind a bunsh, but if you are in a pinsh you can always use hot doggees or reel stinkee cheese.

Step Threee: Charge the Klicker
Afthur I got the klicker and the yummee treets, I had to teech the Sap that if she wantded to push the klicker to make the fun noyse, she had to give me a yummee treet. This was prettee eesy because the Sap reely likes to push the klicker - every time she pushded it, I got a treet.

Step Fore: Teech the Sap when to Push the Klicker
Afthur the Sap learnded that she had to give me a treet if she wantded to push the klicker, she sort of got a little tired of that game. That's when I had to step things up a notsh. I would follow the Sap around and do stuff that she likeded, like sitting and layeng down. When I would do that she would want to push the klicker some moor. Of course, this means I gettded moor treets too.

Now that the Sap has masthurred the klicker, we are going to class togethur so I can teech hur some more about giveng me treets. So far I have been to too classes. It is reel fun and there are lots of nise peeple and doggees in my class! The Sap is doing a prettee good job of giveng me treets at the rite times too. Hopefully the Sap's husband will come to the next class so he can take piktures for my blawg. (It is too hard for me to train the Sap and take piktures at the same time.)


*A note from the Sap: you can find out more about clicker training here.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adopshun Event

Hay every buddy! Yeshurday was the adopshun and edukayshun event at Lizzi & Rocco's. It was reel fun! There were lots of toys and yummee treets and F-O-O-D at that store, and the Sap even buyded some for me. It was a grate day!

Unforechunately, the Sap forgottded her camera. BUT do not worree, my deer fans. I useded my good looks and charm to convince my frend Tiffany M. to let me borrow sum of her picktures. Luckily, she is pretty sappy to, so she fellded for it prettee quicklee.

Here is a Find the Pitbull game that peeple could play. Cee?

The Sap says lots of peeple do not know whut a pit bull look like, so they sumtimes call any big doggee a pit bull. Those peeple are so silly!

Heer is a tip for those silly peeple. When desideing if a doggee is a pit bull doggee, the furst kwestion you must ask is: Is the doggee as cuute as Carlos?

Well, that is not reely fare because I am veree cuute, even for a pit bull doggee, but you gettded the idea. Rite?

At the adopshun event I even got to meet some kiddees! Cee?

Whew! What a day! By the end, I was reel tired and redee for a long nap. Cee?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ritehur's Blok

Hey every buddy. Bad news. I got the ritehur's blok. Bad. Cee?

I sit and sit at the computehur but the blok won't go away. Then I just giveded up and go to sleep. Cee?

I need yur help, deer fans. Leave me a commint and tell me whut you want me to rite about next! May bee that will help me concurr the ritehur's blok.

Also, the Sap says that we are going to a ADOPSHUN EVENT!! on Sathurday from 11:00 until 2:00 at Lizzi & Rocco's. If you come to visit me, I will give you a gin-u-ine pawtograf.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

A VideeOh!

Hay every buddy! I hope you are haveng as good a week end as me.

Furst, Kali's mom sended me a super new crate. It is reel big and has lots of room for me to berry all my yummee treats and bones in there. Cee?

Also, this is the look I giveded the Sap at the billding with the Sooper peeple, so that she wood fall for my tricks and take me to her howse. Cee?

And, my deer fans, here is what I no you have been wateing for...a videeoh of me and my frend Buddy. Do not worree, no rope toys were harmded in the makeng of this videeoh. Well, harmded veree mush...


Friday, January 15, 2010

I am an Anjel


Charlie's Anjels

Yes, I am Still Heer

Hay every buddy! Do not worree, I am still heer - the Sap just has not had as mush time to blog for me this week. I will have a reel grate post this weekend, compleet with piktures, so be shure to visit me then.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up Date

Hay every buddy! Things have ben reel buzee at the Sap's howse because of Crismass, so I haven't had mush time for blawging. Butt, now that the holly days are over, I can give an up date to my deer fans.

First, I got more than 40 hits on my Petfindhur payje last week! Woo hoo! So, in onor of my frend Fay and because of my Petfindhur Challenje, the Sap took lots of yummee treets to my frends that are still looking for homeses of ther own.


The Sap takeded 80 angus beef bars and 2 pounds of traykeyuhs to my frends. I hope they like them veree mush.

Also, I have a new frend at the Sap's howse. His name is Buddy and he is a pit bull doggee, just like me. We have lots of fun playing together. Cee?

And because you were so nise to me during my Petfinhur Challenje, my deer fans, here is another pickture of my cuute fase. Injoy!