Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ritehur's Blok

Hey every buddy. Bad news. I got the ritehur's blok. Bad. Cee?

I sit and sit at the computehur but the blok won't go away. Then I just giveded up and go to sleep. Cee?

I need yur help, deer fans. Leave me a commint and tell me whut you want me to rite about next! May bee that will help me concurr the ritehur's blok.

Also, the Sap says that we are going to a ADOPSHUN EVENT!! on Sathurday from 11:00 until 2:00 at Lizzi & Rocco's. If you come to visit me, I will give you a gin-u-ine pawtograf.



  1. hello carlos its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmmmmmmmmmm gosh i dont no i just tend to rite abowt wotever disaster has happend most reesently maybe yoo can do that??? hav yoo got ninja hedjhogs or aliens or bugs bunnies haynging arownd yore playse like i do??? ok bye

  2. How cute! You need an on-line girly-friend like Brinksy and Haleigh. Then you can write love letters all day ;)

  3. Oh Carlos, momma says she's jealous you get to go to Lizzi and Rocco's she's heard it's amazing!! We want to see a million pictures when you get back but we hope you're adopted too!

    Are you and the sap working on any training? Like are you training her to give you treats? You could write about that? Or how about a day in the life of series and have the sap follow you around with a camera from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep?

  4. Hey Carlos,

    I wish I lived closer! My mom says she'd bring me by Lizzi & Rocco's all the time if we did.

    I'm behind on blogs, so I'm not sure if you've done this yet. But why don't you tell us your favorite things?

    Your friend,

  5. howdy carlos
    why dont you tell us what your dweaming about there while your napping so comfortably
    coco thinks you should submitt that photo to playdog she things you are quite the model there
    wiggles and pittie sugar
    the houston pittie pack

  6. Oh Carlos, maybe you should write about your favorite noms? Or maybe you should write about Your favorite toys?