Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adopshun Event

Hay every buddy! Yeshurday was the adopshun and edukayshun event at Lizzi & Rocco's. It was reel fun! There were lots of toys and yummee treets and F-O-O-D at that store, and the Sap even buyded some for me. It was a grate day!

Unforechunately, the Sap forgottded her camera. BUT do not worree, my deer fans. I useded my good looks and charm to convince my frend Tiffany M. to let me borrow sum of her picktures. Luckily, she is pretty sappy to, so she fellded for it prettee quicklee.

Here is a Find the Pitbull game that peeple could play. Cee?

The Sap says lots of peeple do not know whut a pit bull look like, so they sumtimes call any big doggee a pit bull. Those peeple are so silly!

Heer is a tip for those silly peeple. When desideing if a doggee is a pit bull doggee, the furst kwestion you must ask is: Is the doggee as cuute as Carlos?

Well, that is not reely fare because I am veree cuute, even for a pit bull doggee, but you gettded the idea. Rite?

At the adopshun event I even got to meet some kiddees! Cee?

Whew! What a day! By the end, I was reel tired and redee for a long nap. Cee?



  1. I love your pretty necklace. You look quite smashing in it!

  2. oh carlos if they had to ask if they were as cute as you who would be left???
    silly carlos
    no one
    coco chanel and bella

  3. Hey Carlos, That looks like a lot of fun getting to meet all those people! Tell Tiffany thanks for sharing the pictures. We loved them.

  4. oh what a great event! Any potential families?

  5. Thanks for coming to see us Carlos!!

  6. I'm sure it was so exhausting to meet all those people, and look cute at the same time. They should have the pitbull identifying game for all those police and reporters who write stories about "pitbull attacks" and only later find out it was a different type of dog.

  7. Hi Carlos friend! It looks like you did a great job being an awesome (and adorable) pit bull at the event. I hope you find a special home soon!!!

  8. Hello Mr. Carlos. I luvs your blog! I was a rescue doggie, too. I was real lucky and found the perfect home with the bestest humans and the Most Awesomest Brudder Ever. Hang in there cuz I bet your bestest humans are out there just waiting to find you.

    Wiggles & Wags,