Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Trip to the V-E-T

Hay everybuddy! Yesterday the sap made me go to the V-E-T. She sed I had to get my steeches out and get my reengworm cheked out again. I was not veree happee about this trip to the V-E-T because trips always involve the puuke monster. The sap says it is not called a puuke monster. She says it is a car.

She is rong. And I is rite. I puuked everyware. It was the monster's falt.

Then we got to the V-E-T. At first I was not veree happee about this because I steel did not feel veree good.

But then sumthing veree exciteing happended - I found out my fans had followded me to the V-E-T.* They even followded me inside the x-am room. I am preety shure I made them swoon too because they kapt telling me how cute I was. I did not give out autografs thow. That is just over the line, espeshully for a trip to the V-E-T. Butt, to show my appresheashon I did give the fans my biggest smile.

After my fans left the x-am room, the sap told the V-E-T about the puuke monster. And, of course, the V-E-T agreeded with me. He said puuke monsters are veree scaree and shuld be avoided at all costs.** But, sinse we had to sit in the puuke monster for a hole hour to get home, the V-E-T gave me some speshul medisine to make the puuke monster go away.

Wow. That medisine workded reel good too! The puuke monster leeveded me alone for the hole ride home. I just sleepded and lookded out the windoe. It was reel fun. Cee?

...until we got home. Then I puukded everyware one more time when the sap stopped the puuke monster, just so the sap did not forget that I is rite and she is rong.


*A note from the sap: The "fans" were vet techs, who did in fact think Carlos was cute. I'm pretty sure that Carlos' ego is getting to him though...

**Another note from the sap: He said no such thing.


  1. Carlos,
    My little brother had the same problem with puking when he first came to us. It has gotten better now but he still doesn't ride in the car as much. I'm glad the medicine helped you!
    I'm also glad you had fans at the V.E.T.! That must have made it better to be there :-)
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  2. Hey Carlos wen I wuz a baby dawg and I went on my furst car ride wich wuz going home from the shelter I throwed up rite on Auntie K who wuz holding me wile Mummy drived! Now I gess that is prolly why Auntie K and I have a speshull bond but ennyways I did throwed up a lot wen I wuz a baby but evenchually I getted used to it and now I does not throw up ennymore. I hopes you git used to it too! Cause throwing up is NO FUN.

    Yer pal Dozer

  3. Ah, it's my old friend Dramamine. Hi Dramamine.

  4. lol, paragraph way too funny.

  5. is the last paragraph. You're a very funny dog, there, Carlos.