Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hay everybuddy. My name is Carlos and I'M A DOG! I love bein' a dog, too. When yur a dog you git to go fur walks and chew on bones and you even git to lay on the bed whyle yur people make a big fuss over you and rub yur bellee.

I didn't all ways no I was a dog thow. See, I just learnded about all this grate stuf like going fur walks and chewing on bones a little while ago. I used to live in this place here.* It was reely scaree there and they mayd me stay outside all the time. I never even noed I was a dog then.

Then, all these sooper peeple came to ware I
lived at and took me to live inside a billding. It was reel nice there because it was not so hot like outside, and there was also lots of F-O-O-D. This is ware I first started no-ing I was a dog. I was still kinda scareded there thow because there was lots of uther dogs there barking and being scareded too. Here is a pikture of me when I first started no-ing I was a dog.**

Wonse I started no-ing I was a dog, I came up with a grate plan - it was so grate that it reely workded and everything.
See, while I was staying with those sooper peeple, lots of uther peeples came to visit and to cleen out my kennel and to give me F-O-O-D. One of those peeples looked like a reel sap, so I deesided she wood be an eesy target for my grate plan. Furst, I waited reel quiet and nice for the sap to let me out of my kennel. Then, when she cameded over to me, I gave hur my biggest "I am just starting to no I am a doggie" eyes and climbded reel slow into hur lap. It wurked! Just a cupple of months later and the sap brought me home with hur. (She said she coodn't bring me home earlier because of sumthing called ev-e-dense and a person wearing a black robe.)

Any way, my grate plan workded, and now I reely no I am a dog. See? I got grate toys and bones, and I even get to go on walks and eat lots of yummy F-O-O-D.


*A note from the sap: the yard that appears in this video was one of several busted back in July. It may or may not have been the actual yard that Carlos came from.

**Another note from the sap: Thanks to Tiffany McBee for taking this photo of Carlos.


  1. Wow Carlos! I'm so glad you were saved from the scary place! I hope you like living at the saps house.

  2. Wow Carlos, what a great story of how you conquered the sap!! You're really cute! I hope you enjoy your new home, I think that bed you're on looks like a great fit!

  3. Carlos, You are one lucky pup!! Enjoy living the good life now!

    Flash and Ollie

  4. Carlos,
    Wow, you are one lucky and smart dog! I'm very glad you were saved from that awful place and that you have a nice place to stay now!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  5. Carlos! you eill nevr have to worry agin! Count on it I know! You Sap is a hero.

  6. hello carlos its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry glad that yoo wer reskyewed frum that playse i tried to show dada the viddyo but he cud only watch about five sekunds of it for sumbuddy hoo suppozedly rites horror novels he is a big mush!!! ok bye