Sunday, January 17, 2010

A VideeOh!

Hay every buddy! I hope you are haveng as good a week end as me.

Furst, Kali's mom sended me a super new crate. It is reel big and has lots of room for me to berry all my yummee treats and bones in there. Cee?

Also, this is the look I giveded the Sap at the billding with the Sooper peeple, so that she wood fall for my tricks and take me to her howse. Cee?

And, my deer fans, here is what I no you have been wateing for...a videeoh of me and my frend Buddy. Do not worree, no rope toys were harmded in the makeng of this videeoh. Well, harmded veree mush...



  1. that looks like it was some fun playtime!

  2. You and Buddy are so handsome!
    And I love your new woggie house.

  3. oh carlos you warm my mommish heart everytime with your adorabull face.she loves to come see pikshures of you happy and havings fun
    the houston pittie pack

  4. I love watching doggies play 'keep away'. I have a similar video of my daughter's 6 month old pitty playing this game with my nephew's 6 month old husky. They went on for hours and even though they were obviously exhausted, they wouldn't stop. Carlos would get a workout at our place!