Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How I Trainded the Sap to Give Me Treets

Hay every buddy! My frend Princess asked me to share with my deer fans how I trainded the Sap to give me treets. Now I am heer to share my sekrets with you.*

Step Won: The Klicker

Furst, I gottded a klicker for the Sap. I showded her how it was nice and shiiny and would make a fun noyse when she pushded on it.

Step Too: Yummee Treets

Next I maded the Sap go out and buy some reel yummee treets. I like these Zuke's kind a bunsh, but if you are in a pinsh you can always use hot doggees or reel stinkee cheese.

Step Threee: Charge the Klicker
Afthur I got the klicker and the yummee treets, I had to teech the Sap that if she wantded to push the klicker to make the fun noyse, she had to give me a yummee treet. This was prettee eesy because the Sap reely likes to push the klicker - every time she pushded it, I got a treet.

Step Fore: Teech the Sap when to Push the Klicker
Afthur the Sap learnded that she had to give me a treet if she wantded to push the klicker, she sort of got a little tired of that game. That's when I had to step things up a notsh. I would follow the Sap around and do stuff that she likeded, like sitting and layeng down. When I would do that she would want to push the klicker some moor. Of course, this means I gettded moor treets too.

Now that the Sap has masthurred the klicker, we are going to class togethur so I can teech hur some more about giveng me treets. So far I have been to too classes. It is reel fun and there are lots of nise peeple and doggees in my class! The Sap is doing a prettee good job of giveng me treets at the rite times too. Hopefully the Sap's husband will come to the next class so he can take piktures for my blawg. (It is too hard for me to train the Sap and take piktures at the same time.)


*A note from the Sap: you can find out more about clicker training here.


  1. you sound like an excellent trainer!

  2. Carlos, you are so good at that! Training a sap to give you yummys treats for doing fun things you like to do anyway. I missed your previous post about the adoption event, it looks like you had a ton of fun!

  3. oh could you come treat our pawrents to give ush tweats when we do stuff we alerady like
    you are most smarticles
    pibble sugars and wiggles from the wee ones
    the houston woggie pack

  4. Handsome AND smart! You got it all Carlos!

  5. Carlos!! you're handsome face is on Pitter Patter your super super famous now!