Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adopshun Event

Hay every buddy! Yeshurday was the adopshun and edukayshun event at Lizzi & Rocco's. It was reel fun! There were lots of toys and yummee treets and F-O-O-D at that store, and the Sap even buyded some for me. It was a grate day!

Unforechunately, the Sap forgottded her camera. BUT do not worree, my deer fans. I useded my good looks and charm to convince my frend Tiffany M. to let me borrow sum of her picktures. Luckily, she is pretty sappy to, so she fellded for it prettee quicklee.

Here is a Find the Pitbull game that peeple could play. Cee?

The Sap says lots of peeple do not know whut a pit bull look like, so they sumtimes call any big doggee a pit bull. Those peeple are so silly!

Heer is a tip for those silly peeple. When desideing if a doggee is a pit bull doggee, the furst kwestion you must ask is: Is the doggee as cuute as Carlos?

Well, that is not reely fare because I am veree cuute, even for a pit bull doggee, but you gettded the idea. Rite?

At the adopshun event I even got to meet some kiddees! Cee?

Whew! What a day! By the end, I was reel tired and redee for a long nap. Cee?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ritehur's Blok

Hey every buddy. Bad news. I got the ritehur's blok. Bad. Cee?

I sit and sit at the computehur but the blok won't go away. Then I just giveded up and go to sleep. Cee?

I need yur help, deer fans. Leave me a commint and tell me whut you want me to rite about next! May bee that will help me concurr the ritehur's blok.

Also, the Sap says that we are going to a ADOPSHUN EVENT!! on Sathurday from 11:00 until 2:00 at Lizzi & Rocco's. If you come to visit me, I will give you a gin-u-ine pawtograf.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

A VideeOh!

Hay every buddy! I hope you are haveng as good a week end as me.

Furst, Kali's mom sended me a super new crate. It is reel big and has lots of room for me to berry all my yummee treats and bones in there. Cee?

Also, this is the look I giveded the Sap at the billding with the Sooper peeple, so that she wood fall for my tricks and take me to her howse. Cee?

And, my deer fans, here is what I no you have been wateing for...a videeoh of me and my frend Buddy. Do not worree, no rope toys were harmded in the makeng of this videeoh. Well, harmded veree mush...


Friday, January 15, 2010

I am an Anjel


Charlie's Anjels

Yes, I am Still Heer

Hay every buddy! Do not worree, I am still heer - the Sap just has not had as mush time to blog for me this week. I will have a reel grate post this weekend, compleet with piktures, so be shure to visit me then.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up Date

Hay every buddy! Things have ben reel buzee at the Sap's howse because of Crismass, so I haven't had mush time for blawging. Butt, now that the holly days are over, I can give an up date to my deer fans.

First, I got more than 40 hits on my Petfindhur payje last week! Woo hoo! So, in onor of my frend Fay and because of my Petfindhur Challenje, the Sap took lots of yummee treets to my frends that are still looking for homeses of ther own.


The Sap takeded 80 angus beef bars and 2 pounds of traykeyuhs to my frends. I hope they like them veree mush.

Also, I have a new frend at the Sap's howse. His name is Buddy and he is a pit bull doggee, just like me. We have lots of fun playing together. Cee?

And because you were so nise to me during my Petfinhur Challenje, my deer fans, here is another pickture of my cuute fase. Injoy!