Friday, March 5, 2010

My Faveorit Thangs

Hay every buddy! My frends Boots and Daisy gaveded me the grate idea to tell you abowt my faveorit thangs. So, heer are five of my faveorits:

1. The Sooper Peeple who helpded to save me from liveng my en-tire life on a chane in the woods. Withowt them I wood not even be able to blawg and share all of my favorit thangs with my deer fans!

2. F-O-O-D!
I luff to eet yummee F-O-O-D. Rite now I eet this kind of F-O-O-D:

Before came to live with the Sap I was eeting anuther kind of F-O-O-D that made me a littul bit stinkee. Now, I no I have a reel cuute fase and all so it can be hard to resist me, but when I was eeting that uther F-O-O-D the Sap had no trouble resisteng me and my stinkees. Now that I eet this F-O-O-D I am bak to my usul earresistabull self.

3. Kongs!
There are lots of Kongs to play with at the Sap's howse. Mine looks like this:

The Sap puts yummee treets in there for me and I use my super doggee intellejence to get them owt of the Kong and into my bellee. The Sap also gives me most of my F-O-O-D in my Kong at breckfast and dinner. She says it is to keep me from eeting to fast. I no it is reely that she just likes to watch my super doggee intellejence at wurk.

4. Goeng to the Store.
I luff goeng to the store with the Sap to bye treets and F-O-O-D. Lately, I have been takeng the Sap to this store at leest one time a week so that she can practice giveng me treets in differant plases.

Also one of my deer fans works at this store, so I like to visit hur and let hur give me some treets to.

There is anuther store called Lizzi & Rocco's that I reely love, and too of my deer fans wurk there to. It is a reel grate store for doggees and cats to visit because they have some reel neet stuff that you can not find manee places. Like these lamb traykeyuhs:

Unforechunatlee, that store is prettee far from the Sap's howse so I do not get to go there as mush as I wood like.

5. Broken Hearts, Mended Souls Rescue
This is the doggee rescue that the Sap voluntears for. It is a reel grate rescue because they help pit bull doggees like me find new families. Also, they help uther doggees get spaded and newturd so that there are not so manee puppies in the wirld withowt homeses of their own. They also have reel grate stuff you can buy like this shurt that the Sap's husband desinded:

I hope you injoyed heering abowt my faveorit thangs!




  1. Hmmm...I'm noticing a, kongs, the store, the sap to give you things...I think you must really, really like to eat.
    Oh, and I really like that shirt, what a great design! We're always on the lookout for good pitbull shirts, especially if they help rescues. Thanks for sharing, I think we might pick one up.

  2. we know all about stinkies here because of food so Im glad that got fixed!

  3. oh carlos that was a wonderful list
    those lamb things look kinda like freddie kruger
    please to have a good weekend
    we send you many pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  4. hello carlos its dennis the vizsla dog hay i -- aiiieeeee monster alien finger nayls!!! run away run away run away!!! ok bye

  5. It's such a small world, Carlos! While making my donation to BHMSR I discovered Teal, the woman I spoke with, is friends with my friend Jennie (she and I and a bunch of our friends just got back from dreenkin' wine in Amador); I suspect your Sap knows Jennie too? Maybe she knows my friend, Sally K., from New Hampshire (that's where I'm from)? Thanks for posting the BHMSR link in your blog! Oh, I also bought a tote bag with important words all over it. Bullies rule!

  6. Hay Birdgirl! Wow you must be so grate - makeng a donashun and buyeng a bag! Thank you verree mush!