Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Day to Vote fur ME!

Too day is the last day to vote fur me in the "I Pittie, the Fool" kontest.

My deer frend Maureen just tolded me that there is too piktures labeled number 72 in the kontest. This is a reel tragedee. So if you want to vote fur ME, pleese send yur emale to and tell them you want to vote fur "Pikture 72 - Carlos."



  1. Carlos, come see my blog post for you!! I <3 your entry!! ::blush::

    Sorry it's so late, hopefully we get you enough!

  2. i just voted for you, mr. carlos!!!
    miss princess told me i had to, so i did. :)
    it's super nice to meet you. we can be friends!
    the booker man

  3. I voted for you twice! Once from home and once from my work email.... hehehehe Good luck Carlos !!