Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anuther Adopshun Event

Hay every buddy! Yesthurday was a reel grate adopshun event at Swank Boutique. Unforechunatly it was reel cold and snowy owtside, so not manee peeple stoppded by to visit us. Heer are sum piktures of the event from my frend Tiffany. Cee?

This is the sine to tell peeple ware to find me. Also you can cee how it was reel yuckee owtside.

This is the table full of grate thangs peeple coud take home with them.

Heer is my frend Baron getteng lots of attenshon from some reel nise peeple. Baron has been sershing for a familee for a whole yeer now.

Heer is me getteng some treets from a new frend.

And heer is me! Yur favorit Eesthur Bunnee!



  1. You look ever so cute in your bunny ears Carlos :D

  2. Carlos, you make a most handsomest easter bunny.

  3. I like your costume! It looks like a nice's too bad the weather kept too many people at home. Hopefully more people will be out and at events once it's officially spring!

  4. Oh Carlos! You are sooo cute with those ears!!