Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can sumbuddy help my frends?

Hay everybuddy! I need sum help with sumthing. Cee, remember how I told you about those sooper people who helpded me no I was a dog? Well, today the sap went to visit them and to help those uther doggees no they are doggees too. When she came home I was reel xsiteded to play with hur and to runnded arownd the howse, but she did not want to play veree much. Insted, the sap was even more sappee than ushul. She just wantded to hug me and kiss me and pet me a lot. Now, I can not reely blame hur for wanting to hug and kiss me because I am so cuute, but I IS A DOG and I need to play. A lot.

So, I askded the sap whut is the problem, and the sap says she is sad because soon the sooper people will have to close there temporairy home for pit bull doggees like me. Then a lot of my frends will not have any plase to go. She said some moor stuff about what wuld happen to those doggees if they did not find a plase to live, but I coverded my ears during that part because it madeded me to sad.

This is ware you come in, my deer fans. Maybe you can help one of my frends find a plase to go? Like to a foster home or sumthing? I bet my frends wood be reely happy to live with you. All you gots to do is call this number I founded on the interwebs:

"Qualified rescue groups and shelters who are interested in providing permanent homes for the dogs should contact the Humane Society of Missouri, 314-802-5712."

Now it is time for the bestest part of this blog...THE PIKTURES! I askded the sap to give me sum piktures of my doggee frends so you coold cee there cuute fases, but the sap said that she is not allowded to take pictures of those doggees because of sumthing called confidentsheality. I do not really no what that meens, so I will just tell you that those doggees are almost as cuute as me. Almost.

Instead I will show you sum piktures of my new froggee toy.

Heer is when the sap furst gave me the froggee:

I was not shure about the froggee in the beginding, but after a few sekonds I desided it was a prettee fun toy. Cee?

Then sumthing reely weerd happended. The froggee just explodeded. Reely! I did not choo it to smithereens like the sap says.


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  1. hello carlos its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm it luks like an obvius kayse of stuffie spontayneus kombustchun i hav seen it duzzins of times!!! ok bye