Friday, October 30, 2009

Xsite-ing News!

Hay everybuddy! I got too importent things to tell you, my deer fans.

Furst, I got this new toy yesterday. It is so grate. Cee? It even squeeks reel loud.

Secund, look veree carefulally at this pikture. Do you cee three veree exsite-ing things?

The furst one is obviusly my cute fase. Cee how cute I am?

The secund one is my new squeekee toy. Isn't it grate?

The thurd one is most importent. Look reel close. UTHER DOGGEES! Well, just one uther doggee in this pikture, but there are too doggees in this house that I get to play with. (There is a thurd doggee too, but the sap says he hurt his hip thingamajig so he can not play rite now.)

I am learning all about good doggee man-hurs from those doggees! If I do some thing ruude the other doggees just tell me and I listen reel close. The sap says I am doing reel good at being nice to the uther doggees, and maybe one day I can get adopted by a familee with uther doggees in it. Woo hoo!

You no you luff me.


  1. Hello Carlos!

    We just found your blog - my mom says she understands cuz she helped Mia find a home just last year - see the story here:

    She also said to tell you you are very, very handsome and some onenice will snatch you up in no time - and the video at the beginning of your blog made her very very sad...

    I don't like other dogs much but I hope you find a good home soon - meanwhile enjoy the hamburgers!

    Sadie Mae

  2. I wuv you Carlos. Mummy actually wuvs all the doggers in your casa. She teenks your momma is awesome!
    - Maximus and Bellona