Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Week in Piktures!

Hay everybuddy! I have been veree bizee this week. Cee?

First, I made a grate discoveree at the sap's house.

There are uther doggees heer! I reely want to play with them, but the sap says I need to lern some man-hurs first. Still, I REELY want to play with those doggees!

Then, I made eenother discoveree. This one was not so grate.

Baffs. Yuck.

But then the sap made up for it, because she took me in the puuke monster to get my veree furst hamburger.

And THEN I got my veree furst Halloween costoom!

Fairee wings! I can fli!

In uther grate news, I have been at the sap's house for too hole weeks now. The sap says that in fore more weeks I will offishally be up for adopshun! Woo hoo!



  1. Oh nooo! Da baff is not gud. Nope. If you doesn't want so meny make sure to not rolled in da wormies-dat is a baff for shore.
    Yay for fiynding a forevur home soon tho. I hopes dat you finded da graytest fambily, I iz so shore da sap wud make shore of dis.
    Kisses & Snuggles-Buddy Dawg

  2. Carlos,
    It looks like you had a very exciting week! Well, except for the mom subjects me to those too! I like your costume, it is very cute!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,
    P.S. Hellloooo Carlos! Thys is Lola, most fantastic syster of Dixie the catasomefing! I am vury vury sowwy you had the baff! I hayte those fings :-( I am vury glad you gots a homburgerrr owt of it tho!
    ok, Lola owt

  3. See Carlos? The sap isn't all bad! Sure there are baths, but there also burgers!

  4. Oh boo on baths, but Yay for burgers!! Looks like you're getting some great treatment. And oh what fun you'll have when you finally get to play with the other doggies!!