Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sum Verree Bad News

Hay every buddy. To day I have sum verree bad news.

Do you renember my frend Fay?

Photo from Mutts-n-Stuff

Well, if you don't renember Fay, she was won of my doggee frends who was saveded by the sooper peeple, just like I was saveded. When I cameded to live with the Sap, Fay went to live with sum other reely nice peeple. Those reely nice peeple even took Fay to the mall to visit all hur adoreng fans. I no you mite not beleeve this, butt Fay probally had more fans than even me!

Well, the Sap just told me that Fay went to doggee heven yesterday. The Sap is reel sad abowt this because Fay was won of her favorit doggees that was saveded by the sooper peeple. I tolded the Sap not to be to sad because now Fay is in doggee heven where she has hur lips back and hur teeth back and lots of yummee treets to eat. I bet she even has peeple there to pet and kiss hur because that is what Fay loveded the most - peeple. Butt, the Sap does not all ways lissen to my brilljance, so she is stil reel sad.

To make matturs worse, I did not get enuff hits to make my Petfindhur Challenje. The Sap said I only got 60 hits on my Petfinhur Page this week. Luckelly, the Sap is reel sappy and said she will donate the yummee treets to my frends anee way in onor of Fay. Butt, if you still want to post my Petfinhur Page on yur blog or yur Fasebook or emale it to yur granny, that is grate to. May bee I can get 40 hits this week, to make win the challenje in too weeks?


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Don't Fore Get!

Today is the last day of my Petfindhur Challenje. Don't fore get to visit my Petfindhur page and to share it with yur frends and on yur Fasebook and blogs and with yur Granny.

Also, the Sap got me a reel yummee bone for Crismass. Here is a pikture of me eeting it. Cee?

I hope yur Crismass was as good as myne!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Petfindhur Challenje

Hay every buddy! I just cameded up with a grate idea, and I even connded the Sap into going a long with it. Here's the deel:

Last week (December 14th-20th) I only gottded 16 hits on Petfindhur. Now I no I am reel cuute and desurf more hits than that. So, every buddy should go visit my Petfindhur page here and look at my cuute fase. Then you should post it to yur blog or to yur Fasebook page or just emale it to yur granny or sumthang. The Sap says that if I can gettded 100 Petfindhur hits this week (December 21st-27th), she will bye lots of yummee treets from her favorite-ist online doggee treet store and take them to my doggee friends who are still looking for homeses of there own. She will even take lots of piktures to prove that she did it and post them here.

So what are you wateing for, my deer fans? Go look at my cuute fase.*


*Please do not just click on my Petfindhur page a whole bunsh of times. That is cheeting, and Santa does not bring treets to cheeters, only trips to the V-E-T. Thanx.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Veree Own Artwurk

Hay every buddy! Look at my veree own wurd clowd!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Grate Week End

Hay everybuddy! I had a reel grate weekend. Here's whut happended:

Furst, I had a reel nice nap on Saturday morning. Cee?

Then the Sap wokeded me up. I was not verree happee about this at furst. Cee?

Butt then the Sap tolded me we were going to visit Kali's mom. That madeded me reel happee, aksept for one thing. Kali's mom works at the V-E-T. But, my deer fans, when we got to the V-E-T, I didn't even have to get pokeded or prodded or anythang like that. They just pettded me and gave me all this grate stuff! Cee?

My veree own bed! Wee! Also, some reel yummee dog treets. The Sap woodn't let me have any of those treet at the V-E-T. She said I wood puuke on the way home if I ate a treet. Ha! I showded her. I puukded anyway. Too times.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Savded the Wirld!

Hay every buddy! I have somethang veree scaree to tell you about. Do not worree thow, I have savded you from any danjer.

Furst, this stranje boks was deliverded to the Sap's howse. Cee?

Well, I chekded out the boks and there was an evile turcee inside! It jumpded rite out of the boks and tried to attack me. He said, "Ha ha, Carlos! I am an evile turcee, here to take over the wirld!" Do not worry thow, deer fans. I stopped his vishous attack. Cee?

The Sap's husband was so busee studying for his finale examinashions, that he did not even notise that the evile turcee was invadeng our howse! Cee?

Luckily, the evile turcee did not suckseed. Saveding the wirld from evile turcees - all in a day's work! Whew.