Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Savded the Wirld!

Hay every buddy! I have somethang veree scaree to tell you about. Do not worree thow, I have savded you from any danjer.

Furst, this stranje boks was deliverded to the Sap's howse. Cee?

Well, I chekded out the boks and there was an evile turcee inside! It jumpded rite out of the boks and tried to attack me. He said, "Ha ha, Carlos! I am an evile turcee, here to take over the wirld!" Do not worry thow, deer fans. I stopped his vishous attack. Cee?

The Sap's husband was so busee studying for his finale examinashions, that he did not even notise that the evile turcee was invadeng our howse! Cee?

Luckily, the evile turcee did not suckseed. Saveding the wirld from evile turcees - all in a day's work! Whew.



  1. hello carlos its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel dun!!! over at owr howse we had sum trouble with a turkee vultcher over the holidays but lets just say we nippd that problim in the bud and by nippd in the bud i meen we ayt it!!! ha ha ok bye

  2. WTG Carlos. I am a princess trapt in a dog's boddee, but I also no the value of savdeding the wirld and the Saps who luv us. Good Job!

  3. Hi Carlos, we had an evil turkey here a few days ago, but he seemed to disappear in a matter of hours, there was only some scraps left. Oh, and stuffing.