Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sum Verree Bad News

Hay every buddy. To day I have sum verree bad news.

Do you renember my frend Fay?

Photo from Mutts-n-Stuff

Well, if you don't renember Fay, she was won of my doggee frends who was saveded by the sooper peeple, just like I was saveded. When I cameded to live with the Sap, Fay went to live with sum other reely nice peeple. Those reely nice peeple even took Fay to the mall to visit all hur adoreng fans. I no you mite not beleeve this, butt Fay probally had more fans than even me!

Well, the Sap just told me that Fay went to doggee heven yesterday. The Sap is reel sad abowt this because Fay was won of her favorit doggees that was saveded by the sooper peeple. I tolded the Sap not to be to sad because now Fay is in doggee heven where she has hur lips back and hur teeth back and lots of yummee treets to eat. I bet she even has peeple there to pet and kiss hur because that is what Fay loveded the most - peeple. Butt, the Sap does not all ways lissen to my brilljance, so she is stil reel sad.

To make matturs worse, I did not get enuff hits to make my Petfindhur Challenje. The Sap said I only got 60 hits on my Petfinhur Page this week. Luckelly, the Sap is reel sappy and said she will donate the yummee treets to my frends anee way in onor of Fay. Butt, if you still want to post my Petfinhur Page on yur blog or yur Fasebook or emale it to yur granny, that is grate to. May bee I can get 40 hits this week, to make win the challenje in too weeks?



  1. aww she so vewy sowy to hear about your most brave and beutiful furryend but im sure she is prancing around on the rainbow bridge with all kinds of tweats and squeakers never having to worry about bad things ever again. if you ck out our bloggy we saved a special part for you so hopefully you get more hits , mommish loves going to look at your adorabull piksures
    sad sniffles
    the houston pittie pack

  2. hello carlos its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry abowt yore frend but she is probly verry happy playing with other frends at the bridj!!! yore mama is verry nice to donayt those treets and i hope yoo git the rest of the hits on yore petfinder paydj this week!!! ok bye

  3. I posted this comment over at Bully Breed Buddies on their article about Fay. Hope you don't mind my cross-posting it here.

    The New Yorker had an article about dogfighting (and football) not long ago that was pretty interesting, especially this part:

    "What happens at Best Friends represents, by any measure, an extravagant gesture. These are dogs that will never live a normal life. But the kind of crime embodied by dogfighting is so morally repellent that it demands an extravagant gesture in response. In a fighting dog, the quality that is prized above all others is the willingness to persevere, even in the face of injury and pain. A dog that will not do that is labelled a “cur,” and abandoned. A dog that keeps charging at its opponent is said to possess “gameness,” and game dogs are revered.

    In one way or another, plenty of organizations select for gameness. The Marine Corps does so, and so does medicine, when it puts young doctors through the exhausting rigors of residency. But those who select for gameness have a responsibility not to abuse that trust: if you have men in your charge who would jump off a cliff for you, you cannot march them to the edge of the cliff—and dogfighting fails this test. Gameness, Carl Semencic argues, in “The World of Fighting Dogs” (1984), is no more than a dog’s “desire to please an owner at any expense to itself.” The owners, Semencic goes on,

    'understand this desire to please on the part of the dog and capitalize on it. At any organized pit fight in which two dogs are really going at each other wholeheartedly, one can observe the owner of each dog changing his position at pit-side in order to be in sight of his dog at all times. The owner knows that seeing his master rooting him on will make a dog work all the harder to please its master.'

    This is why Michael Vick’s dogs weren’t euthanized. The betrayal of loyalty requires an act of social reparation."

  4. Hey Dennis. That IS a very interesting article. I am so glad that the Vick dogs weren't euthanized because they (and others like them) have paved they way for dogs like Carlos to get a chance at life.

    Showing the world what the Vick dogs have been able to accomplish has gone a long way toward saving the image of "pit bulls" in our society. I daresay pits might actually be on their way up the ladder. Time will tell.

    The only part I don't really like is this, "These are dogs that will never live a normal life." Time and experience has shown us that many dogs rescued from fight busts do in fact live "normal lives." Well, except many of them have become celebrities...or in Carlos' case, *think* they have become celebrities. :)

  5. Hi Carlos sorry to hear about Fay. What happened to her lips?

  6. So sorry to hear about Fay, and we are sorry we missed the post by a day.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Carlos we are very sad to hear about Fay :(. We promise to get to your petfinder site again. We went a bunch already! Happy New Year.